Past Exhibitions

Exhibition at King's College London:
King's Brazil Institute and the Arden Collection present:
Sebastião Salgado
12 July – 18 August
The Inigo Rooms, Somerset House, East Wing
Strand Campus, King’s College London

An exhibition of works featuring the celebrated Brazilian photojournalist Sebastião Salgado, co-hosted by the Arden Collection. The exhibition consisted of works from the Arden Collection of 20th century photographs, including iconic photographs from Salgado’s early career.

The event coincided with numerous other events in London showcasing Brazilian arts and culture, including ‘Casa Brasil’, which was hosted at Somerset House and King’s during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As well as winning several major photographic prizes during his career, Salgado is now a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and an honorary member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States. He has contributed significantly to raising awareness of environmental issues in Brazil by working since the 1990s on the restoration and preservation of part of the Atlantic Forest. The images on display from the Arden Collection are from Salgado's work during the 1980s, featuring images of workers and migrants from around the world.

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Silver to Gold – Portraits and Still Life
Peter Thuring

3 September - 24 September 2011

An exhibition spanning 45 years of Thuring's photography, offers a glimpse into his early days in advertising during the 60's, to his more recent exploration of special historical objects.

A film of his current project, the carving by hand of a 17th Century English table, in his studio at Petworth House, will accompany the exhibition.

Peter Thuring has worked for The National Trust, the Royal Collection, museums, institutions and private collections worldwide.

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Crystal Gardens
Pippa Ramsay Rae

25 June - 30 July 2011

Pippa Ramsay Rae FRSA FGA DGA
Goldsmith & Gemmologist

It was during years of walking Cornish beaches in childhood that a fascination with stones began. Picked up simply polished by the action of the water and then using a small tumble polisher. Examined in minutia, beautiful and subtle variations of colour and pattern emerged. This led to researching background, origin and finally identification. A collection had begun.

After studying History of Art, life drawing and photography in Florence in 1977, a foundation course was taken at Sir John Cass School of Art which included photography. However, at this time the study and practice of goldsmithing was a long held ambition. A degree at the Central School of Art and Design in History of Art and Jewellery Design followed. Detail has always been the essence of Pippa‘s work but multi-coloured gold inlay was her main interest until visiting the gem fields of Australia. The scope and variety of gemstones there was dazzling and 3 years study in coloured stones and diamonds were undertaken on return to London. It was during this period that the magical and fascinating world of the interior of gemstones was revealed. Looking down a microscope to exactly identify each material showed so much detail in an exquisite and sharply defined dimension. Since that introduction, Pippa has included macro photography in her design and gemmological work.

The course was inspirational and after qualifying as a gemmologist and diamond grader, gemstones and ornamental rock provided the starting point for many pieces over 25 years of working as a goldsmith in Chelsea. Sometimes the stones have been collected by the client. The forms and infinite variety never cease to delight.

It was to share this world that led Pippa to renew her particular interest in recording such interior worlds via photography. The aim is to encapsulate the particular essence of the gem material showing inclusions that are used as diagnostic tools by gemmologists but also reveal splendour hidden to the naked eye. The finished image becomes an intriguing mixture of art and science. A few gemmological notes on each photograph and some samples of the rock add to the overall picture.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the lexicon of gemmology: the ‘garden” of an emerald,’ in particular, refers to the subtle combination of inclusions of liquid ,gas and small crystals of other materials.Their forms can tell you, for example, the country of origin- Colombia or India, Siberia or Africa... Pebbles are still picked up on walks on the beach.


Work from young unconventional photographers

30 April - 4 June 2011

Paul Arden, the legend lives on in the fifth and last show of unconventional photography and conceptual art by young photographers and designers at the Arden & Anstruther Gallery in Petworth.

It also coincides with the launch of ‘LEGACY’ a book which celebrates Kingston students’ unique relationship with Paul Arden and his gallery from 2006-2011.

‘LAST’ will also be the last chance to see in the flesh, often literally, pieces from the four previous extraordinary shows. The work is raw, disturbing, lyrical, witty, shocking, thoughtful but always inspiring.




Winter Exhibitions
Saturday 4 December - 31 December 2010


Maria-Aurelia Riese

Detritus is a series of photographs of found objects. Inspired by waste and rubbish, their everyday presence passes unnoticed.

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The Incomplete History of Showbirds
Luke Stephenson

For the last two years Luke Stephenson has been photographing exotic birds. We are pleased to be finally able to share these beautiful pictures with you.

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Part of the Pack The Hunt at Petworth
Colin Barker

Sixty black & white photographs that create a link between the undulating, picturesque countryside of the South Downs and the gritty reality of day to day life for the Huntsman at the kennels.

Also exhibited Saturday 7 August - Saturday 4 September 2010
The exhibition will now be showing at the Arden and Anstruther Gallery in Petworth

First exhibited in the unique setting of Lord and Lady Egremont’s family stables at Petworth House, you will be compelled, whilst intrigued to view a photographic portrayal of life with the Petworth hunt.

Colin Barker’s large scale solo exhibition is the culmination
of a three year personal project. The show has been described so far as “ evocative, exquisite, sensitive and sometimes gruesome, as well as capturing a notable passion for the hounds”.

The collection of over 60 mostly black & white prints creates a link between the undulating picturesque landscape of the South Downs, with the gritty reality of day to day life for the Huntsman at the kennels.

Colin’s career as an advertising photographer has remained varied and enjoyable, whilst this latest exhibition is a return to his first love, black & white reportage photography.

Originally influenced by the work of Cartier-Bresson and later W Eugene Smith, he felt compelled, after Art College, to spend many nights in the darkroom printing his images of the disappearing street scenes of London, whilst working as a photographic assistant during the day.

His spontaneous approach learnt during this time, has enabled him to capture some unique moments during the many varied conditions that prevailed, whether enduring frozen blizzards or wading across the flood plains.

Finally one is left imagining the cry of the hounds and the distant sound of the horn.

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Jane Ashley for Laura Ashley – Photographs 1973-1984
15 May 2010 until 26 June 2010
A collection of photographs taken by Jane Ashley for use in her mother’s shops. Using family and friends as models, Jane put together a marvellous series of images perfectly suited to what was almost akin to a cottage industry. Influenced by Dorothee Lange’s ‘Dustbowl’ photographs and later the Punk Movement Her ideas took the visual style of Laura Ashley way beyond the usual fashion shoots of the time.


Kingston University Students

From 20 March 2010 – 1 May 2010
“Steal, but only things that speak directly to your soul
Its not where you take things from, its where you take them to.
Paul Arden

Such a startling philosophy demands a flagrant response. STOLEN is the work of young photographers who test the boundaries of legality in an audacious and witty show. Unconventional photography and interactive installation exploit and comment on thievery as an art form.

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'James Kirkman Inspired Me'
5 December 2009 until the end of February 2010
An exhibition of juxtapositions in paintings and photographs.
By famous and not so famous artists.

Paul Arden’s collection of eastern european
photography 1920-1930

5 December 2009 until the end of February 2010
In his later years Paul collected the Eastern European photographs on show in the gallery. The collection would no doubt have grown, if Paul had lived longer. He loved to nose around, finding odd pictures, as this show shows.

An homage to Irving Penn
5 December 2009 until the end of February 2010
Eight photographs from the collection.
Shows curated by Andrew Holligan and Hayley Reddall

Elizabeth Zeschin From My Garden
Hugh Gilbert Dance Muse

From 18 July 2009
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23 May 2009 - 30 June 2009

Adam Fuss
Dayanita Singh
Paul Arden
Adam Fuss, Dayanita Singh and Paul Arden have been brought together exhibiting works under the collective title of Vases.


the show

28 March 2009 - 9 May 2009
At the Arden & Anstruther Gallery

Paul Arden’s legacy. An attitude, an anarchic way of thinking, which once adopted, never leaves you.

‘Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite’, is the title of his second book, and also the inspiration for the experimental photography show at Arden & Anstruther.

Exhibiting the work of young photographers from Kingston University, it celebrates unconventional thinking and the relentless search for the extraordinary in a collection of strong, often lyrical images and interactive installations.


a new exhibition by Robert Kingdom

20 March – 10 May 2009
Orsini, 8a Thurloe Place, London, SW7 2RX. (opposite V&A)

Kingdom was riding on a bus one day. To pass the time he absent-mindedly started to fold his bus ticket in a number of ways. He noticed that, although he still had the ticket in his hand, it had become something else, a new three-dimensional object with different reflective properties.

Applying this idea to an image, he developed his ‘sculptured photographs’. The folds he cleverly makes in photographic paper create an illusion of three dimensions and the old, flat image becomes something new, giving us a fresh view of their faces. Click here to download the Press Release


Andrew Shaylor
Punch! Portraits of Boxers

1st November until 31st December 2008


Louise Dignand: Smoke and the City
Andrew Holligan: New Landscapes
13th September until 28th October 2008


Sebastiao Salgado
22nd June until 28th September 2008
Pallant House Gallery, Chichester PO19 1TJ
The Print Room at Pallant House Gallery presents an exhibition of remarkable photographs by Sebastiao Salgado kindly loaned by Toni Arden from the Arden and Anstruther gallery collection. Click here for more Selgado images. For more information about The Print Room at Pallant House, please visit www.pallant.org.uk


Bruce Rae
Closed 30th August 2008
Bruce Rae studied photography at Birmingham College of Art in the mid 60s and then attended the Royal Collage of Art in the early 70s. Known for his unique still lifes, Rae will be showing his latest work.

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Gilbert Garcin
Closed 12th July 2008
Newly acquired photographs from the French photographer Gilbert Garcin.
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Brian Griffin
Closed 30th May 2008
In the nineteen eighties the Guardian Newspaper described Brian Griffin
as the photographer of the decade. In 1991 Brian Griffin put down his
still camera. In 2002 he felt ready to pick it up again.

Click here to see more of Brian's photographs.


Irving Penn - Sill Life
Closed 5th April 2008
Photographs from the Arden and Anstruther collection.


Giacomo Brunelli
Closed 14 January 2008
Giacomo Brunelli was born in Perugia (Italy) in 1977. He began taking an interest in the medium of photography at the age of 24.

His original animal photographs are for sale in two sizes and range from £275.00 to £325.00. Click here to see the images held by the Gallery.

Gilbert Garcin
Closed 20 October 2007
French photographer, Gilbert Garcin started taking photographs at the age of 64. His highly inventive self portraits have quickly brought him to international acclaim. At 78 he is still going strong - Click here to see some of the images from the show.

Visages de Morts
Rudolf Schäfer
Closed 11 November 2007
Pallant House Gallery, Chichester
The Print Room at Pallant House Gallery presented an exhibition of remarkable photographs by the little known artist Rudolf Schäfer (b. 1952). The photographs were kindly loaned by Paul and Toni Arden from the Arden and Anstruther gallery. Schäfer’s series of thirteen photographs, only seen once before in the UK, are both strikingly beautiful and disturbing at the same time, being as they are portraits, not of the living, but of the deceased. Frances Guy, Curator of the exhibition said:

“Visage de Mort is a difficult exhibition. Undoubtedly, there is something deeply unsettling about these images, but it is fascinating to witness the photographs, because in the very first instance of looking, you don’t realise these people in front of you are dead. At first the images appear serene and beautiful. It takes a little while of being with the images to realise you are looking at the face of someone who has died.” Click here to download the press release

Closed 8 September 2007
Publishing is under threat. The Internet is killing magazines, newspapers. Will anybody bother with a single lens reflex again? Unphotography was a very singular photographic exhibition. It featured the fresh and often disturbing work of young photographers and communicators whose lives are played out in the very arena that new media has opened up. Click here to see images from the show. Click here to download the press release.

Photo Arundel
Closed 2 September 2007 at the Mill Studio, Arundel
A selection of photographs from the Arden and Anstruther Collection at The Mill Studio. Ford Road, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0EF

Flora and Porna
Photographs by Elizabeth Zeschin and Hugh Gilbert

26 May until 7 July 2007
Hugh Gilbert photographs people, architecture and industry and has had solo exhibitions at the Royal Academy, London Sketch Club, Chelsea Arts Club and is presenter of Hot Shots, Photography Master Class in Architecture, for the Discovery Channel. Elizabeth Zeschin’s work has been exhibited worldwide and included in the National Portrait Gallery 2003 and 2005 Photographic Portrait Prize. She received Awards in the Association of Photographers Show and New York Art Directors Awards. Click here to see images from the show.

by Colin Barker
Closed 14 March 2007
Photographs by Colin Barker taken through the shooting season in West Sussex. A range of prints are for sale, please click on Information to contact the gallery. Click here to see images from the show.

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